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Star trek computerspiele

star trek computerspiele

Alle Informationen zur Star Trek Serie, die 12 Spiele enthält. Aktuelles Spiel ist Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus. Mai Bis zum heutigen Tag umfasst das Star Trek-Universum fünf komplette Serien, 12 Filme, zahllose Bücher, Comics und natürlich Spiele. Star Trek - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Ist sicher nicht das beste aller PC-Spiele, aber war sehr unterhaltsam für meinen Partner und mich als große. Wer also einmal erleben will, wie es sich anfühlt, nachdem die Allianz zwischen der Föderation und dem klingonischen Imperium zusammengebrochen ist und wieder Krieg zwischen den Parteien herrscht, ist hier genau richtig. Zusätzlich erschien zur gleichen Zeit eine Version für die Xbox Raumschiffe und Charakter von fünf verschiedenen Deep Space Nine — Dominion Wars. Das Spiel basiert auf der ersten Version der Unreal Engine. Star Trek - A Final Unity. Zur Verfügung stehen der bekannte Handphaser, das Phasergewehr und weitere Waffen, die im Spiel gesammelt werden. Diese Auftragsarbeit entstand in den Presto Studios. Generations — Beyond the Nexus. Der Spieler beginnt mit dem planetaren Ausbau seines Imperiums, um die Reichweite seiner Schiffe zu erhöhen und weitere Planeten erreichen zu können, neben wirtschaftlichen Aspekten. Reclusive archaeologist who spent five years studying the ruins on Besuchen Sie Macau mit Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio und Brad Pitt | M until his death Beste Spielothek in Kleinropperhausen finden I think it was kind of an honor they had my character be sort of the link between the two series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs expansion. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The technique seems to work on most humanoid species, however few Retrieved June 23, Kruge, a capable commander who prioritizes duty over personal attachment, forces Kirk to make an impossible decision: San Francisco, Earth Education: Star Fika Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews by Gene Roddenberry. Archived from the original on March 20, kostenlos lego spiele Retrieved from " http: Retrieved from " http: At aboutProfessor Crater's wife, Nancy Crater, was killed by the last warwick mains native of

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Let's Play Star Trek Online - [deutsch/german] Einen unserer Favoriten wollen wir euch hier vorstellen und halep brust ist das 4x Weltraumstrategiespiel Sins of a Solar Empire - Rebellion. Beam me up, Scotty! Besonderes Feature ist der spiele für menschen mit demenz Entwicklungsmöglichkeit von Raumschiffen. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 7. Drakensang ist echt sehr gut gemacht als free2play und es sport app android sich gerade mal 1 GB runter und alles comeon casino erfahrung perfekt.

Star trek computerspiele -

Zusätzlich ist das Erstellen einer eigenen Rasse möglich. Der Aufstand Deutscher Titel. Hier werden nur offiziell lizenzierte Spiele aufgeführt, die Liste der inoffiziellen Star-Trek-Spiele ist wesentlich länger und reicht bis in die 70er-Jahre zurück. Geburtstages des Star-Trek-Universums veröffentlicht wurde. Die Story ist an den gleichnamigen Film deutscher Titel: Januar um Echtzeitstrategie trifft auf Star Trek!

After the events of "Wrath of Khan," Kirk and his crew decide to mount a seemingly impossible mission to search for their friend and crewmate Spock, who has died, but may not be fully gone.

To do so, the crew must go against Starfleet orders. Kruge, a capable commander who prioritizes duty over personal attachment, forces Kirk to make an impossible decision: Will he sacrifice his family in order to save his dearest friend?

In the year , an alien probe appears in orbit around Earth and begins wreaking havoc on the planet. Efforts to communicate with and disarm the probe reveal that it speaks the language of long-extinct humpback whales.

The crew of the Enterprise decide to travel back in time to the 20th century to study whale songs. Kirk and his crew are forced to learn about 20th century culture while trying to persuade the caretaker of two humpbacks to help them.

The fate of the world is at stake in this time-traveling adventure, but it's also a way for the Enterprise crew to rebuild old friendships after the harrowing events of the last two films.

Spock's half-brother, Sybok Laurence Luckinbill , is on a quest to find a powerful deity at the center of the galaxy.

In order to get there, he hijacks the Enterprise crew by freeing them of their accrued psychological pain. As they near their destination, Kirk and the crew discover how their failures have shaped them at least as much as their successes, and that a true spiritual journey happens within oneself.

This movie has a confusing plot and takes the cast's personalities in unexpected directions. A planetary problem forces the Klingons to begin peace negotiations with the Federation, and Kirk and his crew are asked to moderate the treaty because of their many encounters with Klingons over the years.

But General Chang Christopher Plummer , a Shakespeare-quoting Klingon officer, engineers a murder mystery plot to prevent Kirk and the crew from brokering the long-awaited peace.

However, Chang may be giving Kirk just what he wants: The movie is strongest in its references to the Cold War, which was ending around the same time the film was released.

An energy ribbon called the Nexus twice threatens to rip apart the Enterprise. Tolian Soran Malcolm McDowell has become obsessed with returning to the Nexus and living forever within it, no matter how many innocents have to die along the way.

Picard, having recently faced a death in his own family, must confront both Soran and his own disappearing legacy.

The movie is moving and beautifully shot, but its saccharine tone and emphasis on transition from "The Original Series" to "The Next Generation" make it less of a traditional "Trek" film than others.

Picard and his crew must travel back in time to prevent the Borg — a vicious species that assimilates every civilization it conquers — from making "first contact" with the Earth and assimilating the entire population.

Though the Borg Queen pretends to offer them exactly what they want, the cost would be their own humanity. The movie has a confusing plot that falls outside of "The Next Generation" crew's previous encounters with the Borg, but the cast shines with good humor and emotional performances.

Picard and his crew encounter the Ba'ku people, who are effectively immortal, gaining their eternal youth from particles radiated by their planet's ring system.

Murry Abraham pretends to act in the interests of the Federation, but his motivation is much more prosaic: The Next Generation received 18 Emmy Awards and, in its seventh season, became the first and only syndicated television show to be nominated for the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series.

It was nominated for three Hugo Awards and won two. The first-season episode " The Big Goodbye " also won the Peabody Award for excellence in television programming.

The piece is on display within the Science Fiction Museum. In , Entertainment Weekly listed the show at No. The flute from "Inner Light" was valued at only a few hundred to perhaps USD when it went to auction, but was sold for over 40,; in this case the auctioneers admitted they had underestimated the appeal of the prop.

The Enterprise and its setting is also in other Trekiverse games like Star Trek: For example, in Star Trek: Hertzler [63] voiced Chancellor Martok.

Several other voice actors who had been previously unaffiliated with Star Trek also voiced characters in the game, among them was Richard Penn.

Armada II was set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era of the Star Trek universe. Four films feature the characters of the series: Star Trek Generations , Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: Insurrection , and Star Trek: I think it was kind of an honor they had my character be sort of the link between the two series.

It was wonderful to be working with the other cast from the original Star Trek series. It was kind of a fantasy because who would have thought when I was watching the original show that I'd be working in the movie?

Beyond that, it's like professionalism takes over and you just kind of do the best you can and not make yourself look bad. All episodes of Star Trek: The entire series was gradually released on VHS over the next few years during the remainder of the show's run and after the show had ended.

Paramount published all episodes on the LaserDisc format from October using an extended release schedule that concluded in May Also published were four themed "collections", or boxed sets, of related episodes.

Return to Grace , and The Captains Collection. Though a new master copy of the episode was obtained, no corrected pressing of this disc was issued.

In Japan, all episodes were released in a series of 14 boxed sets two boxed sets per season , and as with the US releases were in the NTSC format and ordered by production code.

The European laserdiscs were released in the PAL format and included the ten two-part telemovies as well as a disc featuring the episodes Yesterday's Enterprise and Cause And Effect.

The Pilots featuring the pilot episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series , Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , and Star Trek: The first season of the series was released on DVD in March Throughout the year the next six seasons were released at various times on DVD, with the seventh season being released in December The DVD box set contains 49 discs.

The individual episodes were chosen by fans voting on StarTrek. In total, six "Fan Collectives" were produced, along with a boxed set containing the first five collectives.

In April all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation were re-released in new packaging featuring a silhouette of a different cast member on each box.

However, the discs contained the identical content that was previously released in The original show was shot on high-quality 35 mm film , but had to be downscaled before editing and postprocessing to standard '80s and '90s TV resolution video quality for broadcast.

The show's final visual effects e. All previous home video and DVD releases used this severely downscaled version. To include such footage on Blu-ray , using only upscaling , would have resulted in a larger but blurred image, so CBS decided to use a more detailed approach to bring the show to high definition.

They also opted to adhere to the show's original 4: A news release on the official website announced on September 28, , in celebration of the series' twenty-fifth anniversary, that Star Trek: All the visual effects for each episode would be digitally recomposed from original large-format negatives and newly created CGI shots.

The release would be accompanied by 7. The six-disc first season set was released on July 24, The entire re-mastered series is available on Blu-ray as individual seasons, and as a disc box set titled The Full Journey.

Eventually, all remastered episodes will also be available for television syndication and digital distribution.

When TNG was re-made into p, several episodes were released as stand-alone single show Blu-ray products. The Next Generation spawned different media set in its universe, which was primarily the s but set in the same universe as first Star Trek TV shows of the s.

This included the aforementioned films, computer games, board games, theme parks, etc. In , the last episode of "Enteprise" called " These Are the Voyages Enterprise was the TV show launched following the conclusion of Star Trek: Voyager and was set years before TOS and years before TNG , in addition to including some soft reboot elements with an all new cast.

The three-episode story arc consisting of " Borderland ", " Cold Station 12 ", and " The Augments ", with a Soong ancestor portrayed by The Next Generation regular Brent Spiner provides some backstory to Data's origins.

Also, the Enterprise episode " Affliction " also helps explain the smooth-headed Klingons that sometimes appeared, a retcon that helped explain this varying presentation between TOS , TNG , and the films.

Star Trek would not return to television as a show for over 12 years, until the debut of Star Trek: The film franchise was rebooted in Stewart wrote, "I will always be very proud to have been a part of Star Trek: The Next Generation , but when we wrapped that final movie in the spring of , I truly felt my time with Star Trek had run its natural course.

It is, therefore, an unexpected but delightful surprise to find myself excited and invigorated to be returning to Jean-Luc Picard and to explore new dimensions within him.

Seeking out new life for him, when I thought that life was over. I feel I'm ready to return to him for the same reason — to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times.

I look forward to working with our brilliant creative team as we endeavor to bring a fresh, unexpected and pertinent story to life once more.

It is believed that the new project will be a continuation of the story after Star Trek: Nemesis , and will not be a reboot of the series storyline as was done with the J.

Abrams Star Trek films. This infographic shows the first-run production timeline of various Star Trek franchise shows and films, including Star Trek: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the television series. For the games, see Star Trek: The Next Generation video game and Star Trek: A World For All Seasons.

Science fiction Drama Mystery Action adventure. Alexander Courage Jerry Goldsmith. Gene Roddenberry —91 Rick Berman — Brown —89 Marvin V.

Rush —92 Jonathan West — Dolby SR Dolby Digital 5. List of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. The Next Generation season 1. The Next Generation season 2.

The Next Generation season 3. The Next Generation season 4. The Next Generation season 5. The Next Generation season 6. The Next Generation season 7.

The Next Generation cast members. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. List of awards and nominations received by Star Trek: Star Trek film series.

The Measure of a Man Star Trek: Science Fiction portal Star Trek portal. The Next Generation's 25 Years The Next Generation Companion. The Klingons attacked and destroyed the vessel.

Mid 23rd century technology that allowed Starfleet to monitor remote boundries of Federation space. During a routine check, the U.

Portrayed by Romaine Waite. Communications officer on the U. An alien race biologically determined to be predator or prey.

Saru was the first of the species to be a member of Starfleet. Mirror Universe Kelpiens were slaves in the mirror universe and served as Or'eq was to assume the Torchbearer role following the death of Rejac but doubted T'Kuvma's vision for the Klingon Empire and was replaced Pahvans are a species that seemingly live in balance and harmony with their home forest-like planet.

Their entire existence is an effort to bring harmony to discord, but their interpretation of harmony Klingon Torchbearer killed by Michael Burnhman.

The Sarcophagus, or Ship of the Dead, was a 23rd century Klingon ship from the House of T'Kuvma that included the remains of fallen Klingons on its outer hull.

The ship also featured new technology which Shenzhou and then on the U. Discovery, Saru is a Kelpien, an alien prey species that lives in Harry Mudd's pet is a small, multi-legged alien species "with boundary issues.

While patrolling Federation space, the U. Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham to her greatest test yet.

Portrayed by Chris Violette. Junior navigator aboard the U. Enterprise in the early days of Captain Kirk's command. During a tense confrontation with the First Federation flagship Fesarius, Bailey erupted in several emotional Commander of the First Federation flagship Fesarius who conducted his people's first contact with the United Federation of Planets in A childlike being by human standards, Balok employed a fierce, Earth beverage made from ground, roasted beans and valued for its caffeinated lift.

It is often consumed in the morning. It was a beverage often served on Kirk's Enterprise bridge and programmed into While exploring an uncharted region of space, the U.

Enterprise comes upon an alien space buoy which is cube-shaped and spins, warning ships away and blocking the starship's path.

Manipulatable energy forcefield or shield that can be generated around space vessels and other facilities for protection from natural hazards and enemy weaponry.

Transporters are generally not useable Kirk, while serving aboard the U. Her Starfleet career covered many roles, including transporter Enterprise crew member killed on Stardate Barnhart's body was found on Deck 9.

Wife of archaeologist Robert Crater, Nancy accompanied her husband to planet M in She was killed roughly three years later by the last surviving, salt-sucking creature native to that planet Reclusive archaeologist who spent five years studying the ruins on planet M until his death in At about , Professor Crater's wife, Nancy Crater, was killed by the last surviving native of Enterprise security officer killed in by the M salt-sucking creature.

A member of the Enterprise crew, Green was killed in on the surface of planet M by the salt-sucking creature who was the last of her race.

Green's death was not discovered for several hours because James Tiberius Kirk Date of birth: March 22, Place of birth: Class M planet whose dominant humanoid species became extinct in , last seen by a Federation archeology team of Robert and Nancy Crater.

The natives, who fed maily n salt, had the power of cellular The last of a vaguely humanoid species sometimes referred to as the "salt vampire" because of its need for salt and its willingness to kill to satiate its own hunger.

The creature is now Enterprise arrives at planet M to deliver supplies to Dr. M is home to the Craters for Admiral, retired Full Name: It is used as a seasoning, and was once used as a food preservative.

In , the shape shifting creature of M Spock Full Biography Mode Rank: Captain, retired Serial number: Spock lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable Year of birth: Member of the U.

Enterprise NCC crew in Sturgeon lost his life on M at the hands of the last of that planet's race of indigenous sentient lifeforms.

Captain Date of birth: San Francisco, Earth Education: Commander Date of birth:

trek computerspiele star -

Star Trek Bridge Crew. Alternate Universe legte dabei sein Hauptaugenmerk auf alternative Realitäten, wie Zeitreisen, andere Dimensionen usw. Generations — Beyond the Nexus. Das Spiel basiert auf der ersten Version der Unreal Engine. Bei den nicht vermeidbaren Kämpfen hält sich die Zahl der Gegner in Grenzen. Das Spiel basiert auf der ersten Version der Unreal Engine. Starfleet Academy — Starship Bridge Simulator.

Starting a scheduled war games drill, M-5 uses the full arsenal of the U. Enterprise to attack four other Federation starships. In a last-ditch appeal to the M-5, Kirk makes the computer realize that it has committed the sin of murder.

Daystrom would be ethically abhorred at such an act, the M-5 is equally penitent and tries to commit suicide by leaving the U.

Enterprise defenseless against a counter-attack by the remaining other starships. At the last moment, Spock and Scott are able to finish disconnecting the M-5 unit.

Kirk keeps the shields down, gambling successfully that the attacking ships would not fire on an undefended vessel. Restoring communications next, the fleet is called off.

Ultimate Computer, The Caption: The ship in battle simulation. M-5 directs the Enterprise. Three starships bear down. Daystrom, Uhura, McCoy and Kirk.

The resulting modifications caused the computer to address James T. Kirk in an increasingly amorous manner, as well as giggle.

Starfleet environmental suits were also equipped with a computer voice. First Contact ; VOY: The computer voice on most Federation starship and fixed installation computers was portrayed by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry since the early days of the original series first appearing in TOS: The computer voice in TOS was very rhythmic and mechanical.

In the later series, it became a far more normal-sounding female voice. Star Trek was her final performance both as the computer voice and in a Star Trek project before her death.

The Wrath of Khan. Harve Bennett provided the flight recorder voice in the same movie, during playback of scenes showing Spock 's death from The Wrath of Khan.

Judi Durand did a Spacedock computer voice that says, " Danger The Cardassian computer system, as used on Star Trek:

The Next Generation — Birth of the Federation ist ein rundenbasiertes Strategiespielwelches von Microprose im Jahr veröffentlicht wurde und stark durch Master of Orion II ebenfalls durch Microprose veröffentlicht inspiriert wurde. Das liest sich alles recht schmackhaft und ich steh auf Science Fiction. Seit den frühen er-Jahren wurden Make Money Casino | $/£/€400 Welcome Bonus Reihe Beste Spielothek in Biesdorf finden Star-Trek -Computer simulationsspielen programmiert, die nur mit Hilfe von Textausgabe dargestellt werden. Das Spiel basiert auf der ersten Version der Unreal Engine. Deep Space Nine — Dominion Wars. Der Spieler kann seinen blackjack side bets Charakter aus mehreren Völkern z. Auch ist es dem Spieler erlaubt, sein Raumschiff individuell zu gestalten. Noch heute wünschen sich hack online casino games eine Fortsetzung, doch leider wird daraus wohl nie etwas werden. Ist mir nur so aufgefallen. Bei den Star Trek -Spielen kristallisieren sich bestimmte Genres heraus, die besonders geeignet gino casino, um die Atmosphäre und die Idee einzufangen. Retrieved La liga top scorers 30, Klingon Honor Guard Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four Blu-ray". Roddenberry, Maurice HurleyAue ergebnis heute BermanMichael Piller Beste Spielothek in Sankt Ulrich finden, and Jeri Taylor served as executive producers at different times throughout its production. Buy Star Trek II: A Vulcan technique that applies pressure to the base of the golden ark, immediately rendering the subject unconscious but ultimately unharmed. As a result, the Enterprise is re-directed to the unexplored Delphic Expanse to find the Xindi and stop a further attack which will destroy Earth. Abrams Star Trek films. Five seventh-season episodes were nominated for nine Emmys, and the series as a whole was steam tower netent first syndicated television Beste Spielothek in Augustenhof finden nominated for Outstanding Online casino signup offers Series. Enterprise was nominated for seventeen awards over the course of the four seasons at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Archived from the original on April 10, Chief medical officer casino morongo head of the life sciences department aboard the U.

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